7 fun things to do with the kids during the summer!

Oh no! School’s out! What are we going to do with the kids this summer!

I’m bored mom. There is nothing to do. I want to go do something!

This seems to be a common problem all mothers deal with. As a homeschool mom, I am used to the kids saying this, but it only gets worse in the summer. The kids want to go play and be entertained. I can remember being a kid and wanting to do things in the summer.

I want my kids to have memorable summers with their mom! How do you do this? Put down your phone and spend quality time with your kids. There will always be time for Facebook and Instagram. You can’t get back the missed time with your little ones. Here are some fun things to do with the kids during the summer. You will have fun too! Include the whole family!

1. Go hiking

Hiking can be so much fun if planned right. Find hikes in your area and keep the hikes short if you have little ones. Have the kids look for various wildlife or plants while hiking to make it fun. You could also do a scavenger hunt, which will keep the kids entertained and not focused on how long they have walked. Always be prepared and have plenty of snacks and drinks. You could also plan for a picnic. This will give the kids something to look forward too. Take plenty of breaks along the way. Little kids will tire out easily. Make hiking a family tradition. It is great exercise and the family has fun.

2. Geocaching

Have you ever been geocaching? I found out about this a couple of years ago and my kids love it! It is like finding treasures. You use your GPS and look for treasures that people have hidden. You will need a geocaching app because that is where you will find the list. There is usually a story about the location where the person hid the item, so this can be a learning experience as well. We found plenty to keep us busy, just in our own town. You can do this anywhere, like on vacation or the next city over. The kids will love it!

3. Biking

Most kids love to bike, so why not find a biking trail and go biking as a family? There are usually a lot of biking trails or greenways in the area. Some parks even rent out bikes, if you happen to not have one. Biking is great exercise for the whole family and can be done in your neighborhood as well. Take a picnic to enjoy while biking. Make sure that you all have helmets on for safety.

4. Gardening

Our kids love to help us plant flowers in our flower bed every year. It is another activity that is great for the whole family. The kids learn what all it takes to tend to flowers and it is great exercise. It is also great if your kids could learn where vegetables come from. One of our homeschool groups in our area also has a community garden, so you can teach the kids how to plant different vegetables, learn how to take care of them and watch them grow. It is a great learning experience. If you have land, you could just do it in your own backyard.

5. Water activities

My kids love the water! They would be fine living at the pool. If you don’t have a subdivision pool, then usually a rec center or a park will have one or you could go to a swimming area at the lake. There may be a small fee for the pools.

Other ideas are to go canoeing. It is fun canoeing down a river and the kids can learn what all is involved. Make sure to make the trip fun. If your kids are old enough let them paddle some. Plan for smaller length canoe trips, plan for stopping midway to take a break, eat a picnic and just relax and swim. Make sure to have plenty of sunscreen and everyone is wearing a personal floating device.

6. Camping

Camping can be so much fun! Make camping fun, but use it as a learning experience as well. Let the kids pick some things to do while camping. At parks, there are usually different activities like swimming, hiking or games. The learning experience is endless. You can teach them about building fires and cooking over a campfire, setting up camp, astronomy, wildflowers and animals. Create your own family traditions. You could sing songs, tell ghost stories if the kids are older, have scavenger hunts or make smores. Your children might pass on their love for the wilderness to their kids.

7. Activities indoors

Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean you have to spend it outdoors all the time. Sometimes it is just nice to be inside or even on rainy days it is nice to have something to do. Some great ideas for indoors are find free movies at the theater. Our local movie theater has during the summer, where they have a free movie one day a week.

I love to have my kids read during the summer. We always sign up for reading programs at our local library and at other places like Lifeway Christian book store. They can earn free items for putting in some reading during the summer. Sometimes, they even have a program for adults.

Crafts are another fun thing to do that kids love. Let the kids help pick out some fun things to make and work on them together.

Other things to do indoors during the summer are visit a museum or do some volunteering. It is great to teach the kids how blessed and fortunate they are to have the things they have and to be able to put others first.

Have fun making memories!

There are so many things to do in the summer as a family. Just get out there and try them out. See what your family loves and make them traditions!







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