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Best house cleaning tips for busy moms!

Why does it feel like our house never stays clean?

I feel like I constantly run around in circles trying to clean and the Tasmanian devil is running behind me! Trying to figure out what to clean, what have I already cleaned and what still needs to be cleaned can get confusing. Sometimes, I only do surface cleaning and forget that the deep cleaning like baseboards, toilets, floors and decluttering need to be done. So how do we get the whole house clean, when we have kiddos messing it up just as fast? Here are some of the best house cleaning tips for busy moms to make sure everything gets covered.

Have a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule!

I like to have schedules that help keep me on track. So, what goes on each one?

Daily schedule- I use this for scheduling the cleaning that needs to be done every day, like laundry, dishes, making beds, kids picking up their toys, etc.

Monthly schedule- I schedule the deep cleaning here, so that way everything gets covered as far as cleaning-like cleaning floors, dusting, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, wiping down kitchens, etc.

Yearly schedule- I schedule here cleaning like- going through pantry, cleaning out refrigerator, closets, garage, windows, carpets, walls, etc.. I spread these all throughout the year, that way I am not cleaning everything at the same time.

Post these schedules somewhere, so everyone can see the cleaning list for that day! When I work, my husband can see what needs to be done!

Tidy up!

There is clutter of mail, toys everywhere, dishes in the sink, garbage that need empty! I like to throw on fast beat music and get everyone in the family to participate in a 10-minute clean up. We run around and see how much we can get picked up in that 10 mins. You would be surprised how much you can do in such a short time and the kids have fun.

When you get tired of running up and down the steps!

My kids love to bring their stuff down stairs, but then they don’t take them back up! Ugh!!

I place bins on the steps, that when we do our tidy up, we can throw their things into the kid’s bin it belongs to and they can take all of it up at once and not have to make several trips.

Toss or keep, but make a place for it!

Mail clutters on counters, toys are all over the floor, clothes pile up on the floor, clothes accumulate in closets we don’t wear, shoes pile up next to the door and now my OCD is kicking in and driving me crazy!

When you get mail, go through it right then-don’t just pile it on the counter to accumulate. The mail you keep-put it up somewhere.

Place bins through the house for those toys that just want stay upstairs. This will at least get it off the floors and tables!

Have laundry baskets in each bedroom, so clothes can maybe make it in the basket and not all over the floor and under the bed!

Have a bin next to the door that shoes can be put in when they come in!

Random items-if you haven’t done anything with it in a year, get rid of it and this will reduce accumulating piles of stuff!

Toys here and toys there!

Everywhere I look there are toys! It is driving me crazy and I just want to throw them away!

Do you have a toy problem? Create a toy zone in certain parts of the house! This way the kids know exactly where they can have their toys! Have bins in these toy zones, so they can just toss and go! If toys get left out of the toy zone, then they land in toy jail!

Make cleaning easy!

Have cleaning supplies on hand and use caddy’s to store these in several places. Who wants to run up and down the stairs getting supplies? It is good exercise, but not good for the time! Have toilet cleaning brushes in all the bathrooms!

Have a list of things that need to be cleaned in each room, so when kids are cleaning, they know exactly what needs to be done!

Some easy ways to make cleaning easier in bathrooms are, spray your shower down each time you shower to keep the soap from accumulate, spray Rain-X on your shower door so soap will just wash right off! Wipe down counters in kitchen and bathroom everyday to prevent having to scrub later.

Multitask and use your time wisely- for instance, spray down all toilets with cleaner and let them sit, while you are doing something else, mop part of the hardwoods and while it is drying, go do something else and come back to finish, when going from room to room, take something with you that needs to be put up!

That dreaded laundry!

My laundry never ends!! Try to do at least 1 load a day that way you don’t end up with a whole day of doing laundry.

Hang all the shirts on hangers-this will save time on folding!

Get the kids to help with putting up the clothes and not leave folded clothes on the couch!

Advertise for help!

Kids love to earn money! Place a board that you can pin chores up with some money attached. If your kid wants to buy something, then they can earn it. It is a good way to teach them about doing extra things to make money!

And if all else fails!

If you still struggle to keep the house clean and can afford a maid, then by all means hire someone to come out to do the heavy work, so you only have to focus on the daily work. But if you can’t afford a maid, then just follow these tips to help you make your home beautiful!





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